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Season 2: Summer “Speed and Agility”
Summer runs late-June to end-August (10 weeks)

Are you ready to significantly improve your game over the summer? Our elite summer programs combine speed and agility training with basketball skills and scrimmaging. These goal-oriented workouts are longer, tougher, and designed to build the elite player. Expect to noticeably improve your endurance, strength, and skills!

Current Summer Events:

All Boys ELITE 4S Summer Training North Shore

All Girls ELITE 4S Summer Training North Shore

Beginner 4S Summer Training North Shore

Premier Hoops on the Hill Basketball Camp Marblehead

More summer skill development programs in MA will be added soon, check back in early May!


Top 10 Ways to Get Better at Basketball this Summer!

If you follow these guidelines, you are guaranteed to get better at basketball this summer!

  1. Play basketball every day!
  2. Set goals for the summer and post them in your room on your wall – create a summer training regiment for yourself based on your goals
  3. Work on your weaknesses/master new moves at least 20 minutes a day
  4. Carry a basketball around with you everywhere you go
  5. Go to basketball camps and clinics
  6. Play in basketball leagues (against better players)
  7. Play in pickup games at local basketball parks (against better players)
  8. Stretch before and after you play
  9. Lay off the junk food! – try not to eat fried foods, sugary foods, a lot of cheese
  10. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water!