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Season 1: Spring runs mid-March to mid-June (10-12 weeks)
Season 2: Summer runs late-June to end-August (10 weeks)
Season 3: Fall runs mid-September to late-November (10 weeks)
Season 4: Winter runs early-December to late-February (12 weeks)

Our unique “Comprehensive 4 Season Program” is a proven year round system that significantly improves the basketball skills and conditioning of each player. Start with basketball fundamental skills workouts in the spring and then kick it up a notch in the summer with our elite speed and agility program! After the summer you’re in the best shape of your life and you’re ready to continue improving your skills at our fall pre-season training. The winter season has started you feel like you’re a completely transformed player, but you know that to be elite you need to keep practicing your skills. Keep working on your shooting and/or post moves during the basketball season at winter training!