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Progress Checker Evaluation Scale:

0-25% is a beginner player; this means that the player has either just started playing or he/she needs significant improvement in a skill area. These are typically 1st-4th Graders.

26-50% is an intermediate player; this means that the player is right around average for his/her grade. These are typically 5th-8th graders.

51-75% is an advanced player; this means that based on his/her peers, this player is above average. These are typically freshman/jv players.

75-100% is an elite player; this means that this player is one of the best players in his/her age group. These are typically varsity players with the potential of playing in college.


What is the Premier Hoops Progress Checker?

The Premier Hoops Progress Checker is an online goal tracking system created by Premier Hoops where a player can log in and track his/her goals.

At the end of each season a Premier Hoops Coach evaluates the stats and goals of each player based on his/her performance. These goals/stats include: effort, rebouding, passing, shooting, and more.

The Progress Checker is a way for Premier Hoops to keeps its players motivated to improve each season.

Below is a guideline of the percentage scale we will be using to evaluate players. Note that the evaluations are subjective and they are a way for Premier Hoops to motivate each player to get better and reach their full potential!

How can I get a Progress Checker Log-in ID?

All players who register for a season (spring, summer, fall or winter) will receive a Progress Checker.

Log-in IDs are customized for each player and players can log-in at anytime to see what coaches are saying and to read their own evaluations.

In the case that players are not consistently attending workouts, they will not receive online evaluations.